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What could a dog treadmill do for you

Dog Treadmill Facts:

  • ​A 20 minute treadmill workout is equivalent to a 1 hour dog walk
  • ​Guarantees your dog exercise no matter the weather conditions
  • ​Prevents behavioral issues
  • ​Improves stamina & power
  • ​Best way to exercise multiple dogs

Features included:

Speed Computer

Track your dogs workout data

Resistance Dial

Increase your dogs muscular physique by adding resistance to the workout


Keep your dog safe at all times by starting and stopping using brakes

Read Our Success Stories!

Read Our Success Stories!

Arkans ''Donkey Kong''

''Our dog Donkey Kong set a new record at the number one track in the USA - Southland's Casino and Racing Track! Donkey Kong broke the 820 yard track record previously set at 46:06 by .03 seconds! He now holds the new track record for Southland’s Casino & Racing in the 820 yard Delta Course at 46:03! Thank you fitdognation!''

Lionking Mafia Kennels ''Bear''

''I can't believe how good Bear looks. If this is what she can achieve by week two; I can't wait to see her by week 12''

Southpaw Kennels ''OPIE''

''Opie has become lean and mean & his 2 minute sprints are becoming easy for him now. He has endurance for days. Thank you for all the help getting him to this point''
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